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Women’s Casual Wear – Less Is More!


The women’s fashion world is constantly changing but the one thing you can be sure about is personal style. What you’ll find today is that casual wear has greatly taken over the women’s fashion clothes market. Instead of spending hours creating the look you desire, the minimalist approach today provides more time to show off your look and less time creating it!

The less is more statement in fashion could not have come at a better time. With today’s economy the average woman is no longer able to spend hundreds of dollars a month on new clothes. With this in mind, let’s go through the different minimalist looks you can take advantage of without having to break the bank to get them.

•Leggings and tunics are by far the most popular look within women’s casual clothing today. By owning perhaps a pair of black leggings and a neutral color tunic as well as a sequence tunic you have created a day-time outfit as well as an evening look with only three pieces of clothing. Perfect!

•Cardigans are a great way to create a casual and comfortable look with very little effort. Take your favourite t-shirt and jeans and match them with a great and luxurious cardigan and you are now looking fabulous and feeling comfortable. See how easy these outfits can be put together?

•Prints and patterns are what can create an elegant look without having to utilize multiple pieces of clothing and accessories to get there. Whether you choose a leopard print cotton top or tunic, you are taking the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary with no effort; the pattern does the work for you.

•For those occasions you would generally choose an evening gown, this year’s casual wear encourages you to mix it up! Instead of an evening gown why not choose a pair of leather mini shorts paired with a great chiffon blouse and over-sized jewellery to finish the look. Don’t forget that you’re footwear is on display as well so choose the perfect stiletto.

•Lastly, if you want to look as though you have purchased designer clothes without actually having to spend the money here’s a tip. All you have to do is combine neutral colors, soft fabrics with lace and leather and you have an outfit ready to be modelled.

If you are someone who has always struggled in the women’s fashion world the creation of the casual clothing and minimalist look is a blessing for you. With very little thought, time and money you can duplicate any look you see on the fashion magazines. Women’s casual wear is quickly evolving and becoming the now and possibly future of women’s fashion trends. Take a look through your closet and I bet you will find a few minimalist pieces that you can use to create one of today’s hottest trends without having to go and buy something new! This is how easy women’s fashion has become, take advantage!