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Vintage Womens Shoes – Breaking Barriers in Fashion


Vintage clothing and accessories has always been a huge hit among people of all ages. When the accessories and clothing have been this popular, can vintage shoes be left far behind? Vintage shoes are a class apart, and their appeal among both men as well as women is timeless. Vintage women’s shoes have some amazing collection to choose from. You are sure to be spoilt for choice if you are to select vintage women’s footwear. Vintage women’s Tania sandals are a unique vintage footwear collection which is sure to be liked by every woman.

Tania sandals are made of leather luxe snake skin. The daring style of these sandals would make you easily noticeable and you are to stand out in a crowd. This kind of shoes is a perfect wear for either a date night in, or a night out. The sexy stiletto style of these vintage shoes along with its flirty open toe is sure to give you that figure flattering kind of exposure which would surely be difficult to resist! The vintage women’s tamra sandal is an out and out thrill seeker! This vintage sandal can be worn for both day as well as night. An unbeatable silhouette is presented by this sandal which is a heady mix of sexy stiletto coupled with sassy snake skin. This kind of sandals would go wonderfully well with any kind of dress that you pull out from your closet. The straps design and the sexy open toe gives a very light look to this sandal.

Zena Peep toe wedge shoes are another classy vintage footwear collection for women. The retro look of these shoes is an eye stealer, for sure! This re make vintage pair is a hot favourite among vintage footwear lovers. This pair sure looks like it came straight via a time machine to the footwear lovers of today. The detailing and the silhouette of this pair makes it a must have for your footwear collection. Barletta ballet flat shoes are another must have pair for your vintage collection of footwear. These casuals help you streamline your look comfortably and fashionably. These shoes are made of leather or suede upper and have a round apron toe which gives it a cute yet attractive vintage look to flaunt. The easy fit of this slip on design makes them a must have for every vintage footwear lover. This pair comes with a notched tongue and an elasticized stretch kind of a fabric forming the inlay of the footwear.

The orthopaedic foot bed of this design makes it very comfortable to wear. The cushioning kind of Mogul construction makes this footwear all the more attractive. Barletta ballet flat shoes give you the perfect support for your feet, as it comes with a padded arch kind of a support for your feet, and has a flexible kind of mid sole. The rubber traction out sole of this pair makes it safe for use even on slippery surfaces. The super soft features and elastic inset gives your feet that perfect flexibility which would let you carry this pair comfortably all through the day.