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Full Figured Woman’s Fashion Independence Part 2


Fashion is only as good as it looks on you. If you wear a style that doesn’t look good on you, you do not look stylish. If you’re like most women, your wardrobe is probably a mixture of styles, because you haven’t yet identified your particular “Fashion Personality.” Determining your fashion personality is as important as wearing the right colors for your seasonal palette.

The benefit of finding one fashion personality is that your wardrobe will coordinate with much more ease, and allow you to get the most out of your fashion investments.

To represent the differences among types, we will identify Dramatic, Natural, Romantic, Creative, and Classic. These types are not absolutes, and it is possible to borrow from another personality if you are careful not to try to totally adopt a personality that is not yours. You will see how each type inspires the selection of clothes, makeup, hairstyle and accessories.


The Dramatic look is one of boldness. A dramatic woman is usually assertive and outspoken. The dramatic look is worn well usually by women with dark or noticeable coloring, such as olive skin, or black skin; broad shoulders rather than sloping shoulders. The dramatic woman wears extremes in fashion-either straight lines and hard finish fabrics, or billowy clothes, but seldom goes for the extremely feminine look. If you are dramatic, you may wear the most exotic colors, your prints will be bold, wild, vivid or ethnic. You favor striking proportions, long jackets and short skirts; oversized shirt with leggings. And you avoid the predictable. Theatrical or conspicuous fabrics and textures work well on you.


The Natural woman is the casual, friendly and outgoing type who finds ‘dressing up’ a challenge. With energetic strides and an informal, friendly manner, and relaxed style. If you are natural you look good in all kinds of sportswear, from casual to chic. You wear sturdy boyish styles and still look like a woman. Your fashion mistakes will include frilly blouses, silk dresses and exaggerated designs.

Often the natural has wide set eyes and a squar-ish jaw. Tailored suits work well on you. Nubby, natural and hand-woven fabrics are good on you. Solids in textured fabrics such are also good. But the natural woman should avoid shiny fabrics. She look vivacious and stylish in the things she wears. Her hair needs a casual cut, nothing fussy, something that can be work pulled up or back with a clip, and she does well in the wind-blown natural look.


Romantic women should always seek femininity in both style and fabric. She is a true Scarlett O’Hara type; quietly confident, feminine and sensual. She has a curvier figure and looks best in clothes that have curved lines. Her fabrics should be soft with sheen, and her prints should be feminine. The romantic should choose necklines, accessories, and accents to draw the eye to her face. She looks beautiful in evening wear. She is good in chiffon, silk, lace, shiny satin velvet, and many sophisticated fabrics, simple or ornate. The romantic woman has a look of luxury about her, and her hair is best in loose curves or curls, though not a wind-blown look.


If you have even, regular facial features, medium coloring, you are the classic type. You value quality more than quantity, style more than fashion. You don’t want your clothes to scream ‘look at me’, but you want them understated. A classic woman is tailored, conservative and always well groomed. Typically she has good posture, a sense of formality and poise; she is viewed by others as elegant. She avoids extremes in fashion, fabrics and prints. She avoids trendy fashions, and anything too frilly or silky, but achieves her distinction through fabrics, soft straight lines and well tailored clothes. The classic stays up to date in a conservative way, her hem lines go up or down just a little and she switches to the latest look only after it is established. Her hair style is controlled and kept neat. The casual wind-blown look is incompatible with her image.

(Although everyone can wear casual clothes, this look does not suit everyone. A dramatic will look boring while a romantic will look too serious.)


The creative woman is a true nonconformist about how she lives her life as well as what she wears. She has a need to individualize her clothes with unusual touches that make them uniquely her own. She, more than other types, refuses the packaged look, opting for a more artistic look. She mixes her separates and accessories in unpredictable ways. Her instinct is to shock or amuse. In her accessories from eyeglasses to shoes, she wants to do what isn’t being done by anyone else. Pile on bangles and beads but steer away from grandma’s pearls!

Severe controlled hair styles contradict her creative style. A wild carefree style is for her. Just remember, control your creative inclinations for work!

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