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The syntax of that file is the same. No failonerror Stop the buildprocess if the command exits with a return code signaling failure. asked 2 years ago viewed 423 times active 2 years ago Linked 16 Execute Ant task just if a condition is met Related 15How to load an optional task into ant How can I use Jikes-specific command-line switches? http://svbuckeye.com/error-message/an-error-message-when-trying-to.php

Properties are expanded twice in my macrodefed tasks. As far as we can tell this is not triggered by a bug in Ant. Text may also be included in a character section within this element. Ant's distribution contains file names that are longer than 100 characters, which is not supported by the standard tar file format.

Ant Task Target

The seemingly tricky part is preserving the base directory itself, which Ant includes in the directory scan. since Ant 1.6 No, default is false searchpath When this attribute is true, then system path environment variables will be searched when resolving the location of the executable. If one of them should throw a BuildException several things can happen: If there is no block, the exception will be passed through to Ant.

If the bootstrap class loader can load the class Ant has asked it to load (which it can if optional.jar is part of CLASSPATH), this class will try to load the remove the class that loads the external library from the coreloader. Defaults to true. Script Error Message Keeps Popping Up For batch files, use something like: I want to execute a particular target only if multiple conditions are true.

I get checksum errors when I try to extract the tar.gz distribution file. Script Error Message If you run a Java VM with this task, the task may falsely claim that an error occurred (or silently ignore an error). encoding encoding to use, default is ""; the local system encoding. Ant implements the Java Jar file specification.

You can help the process by adding description parameters to valid targets that the developer can use. Script Error Message Won't Go Away See the above section for example tasks executing sh. How should classpath be configured? Most importantly, a third-party task that is part of CLASSPATH will no longer work in Ant 1.6.x since the task now can't find Ant's classes.

Script Error Message

For test simply the ${os.name} on all machines and you can be sure to use the right file names. How do I add an external task http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22151961/echo-a-message-if-a-java-ant-task-gives-error What's wrong? Ant Task Target How can I include national characters like German umlauts in my build file? Script Error Message Firefox In most cases - for example using