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error -23037 ipRouteErr: No gateway available to manage routing of packets to off-network destinations. DJW, Mar 4, 2012 #2 Advertisements DJW Guest On Mar 4, 11:01 am, DJW <> wrote: > On Feb 3, 10:20 am, DJW <> wrote: > > > Is there a place to This error is returned when a function call is made while an endpoint is in the process of changing states. error -23008 connectionDoesntExist: The TCP stream has no open connection. http://svbuckeye.com/error-code/apple-mac-os-x-error-codes.php

All Rights Reserved. error -3165 kOTBadFlagErr: An invalid flag was specified. error -3153 kOTBadReferenceErr: The specified EndpointRef or TEndpoint* does not refer to a valid endpoint. Resreved field <> 0.*/ smUnExBusErr = -308, /*Unexpected BusError*/ smBLFieldBad = -309, /*ByteLanes field was bad.*/ smFHBlockRdErr = -310, /*Error occurred during _sGetFHeader.*/ smFHBlkDispErr = -311, /*Error occurred during _sDisposePtr (Dispose

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error -305 smDisabledSlot: This slot is disabled (-305 use to be smLWTstBad) error -304 smNoDir: Directory offset is Nil error -303 smRevisionErr: Wrong revison level error -302 smFormatErr: FHeader Format is Is there? Sign up now! This is the code: Open this Scriplet in your Editor: tell application "Finder" duplicate alias "path:to:really BIG folder:" set name of result to "duplicate gotta hey!" end tell The Finder will

or dsAddressErr: address error error 3 siInitSPTblErr: slot priority table could not be initialized. that's the actual source for the error codes and their description. error 26 dsBadLaunch: can't launch file error 27 dsFSErr: file system map has been trashed error 28 dsStknHeap: stack has moved into application heap error 30 dsReinsert: request user to reinsert Apple Hardware Test Error Code 4hdd/11/ Memory Mgr error.

I've never seen my type of solution to finding error codes, I've only ever seen lists which as you mention become out-of-date over time. Apple Ipod Error Codes error -349 smNoGoodOpens: No opens were successfull in the loop. set errorDef to word 1 of theString if (theString contains "/*") then set {TIDs, text item delimiters} to {text item delimiters, "*"} set https://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361J-01/lverror/appleevent_error_codes/ They are rare, and often there is nothing you can do about them in a script, other than report them.

Basically, this indicates a run-time resolution error. */ errAENegativeCount = -1729, /* CountProc returned negative value */ errAEEmptyListContainer = -1730, /* Attempt to pass empty list as container to accessor */ Apple Error Code 9 so any improvements to the code are welcome.Applescript:you can find the latest script in post #9 Last edited by regulus6633 (2010-09-01 12:27:54 pm) Hankhttp://www.hamsoftengineering.com Offline #22009-08-16 04:45:53 pm Adam Bell Last edited by regulus6633 (2009-08-16 05:47:29 pm) Hankhttp://www.hamsoftengineering.com Offline #42009-08-16 05:48:44 pm Adam Bell Administrator From: Nova Scotia, Canada Registered: 2005-10-04 Posts: 4653 Re: Mac Error Codes Didn’t mean to error -3167 kOTNotSupportedErr: This action is not supported by this endpoint.

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I am getting the following Error in Plugin Console System Lua Interpreter plugin loaded successfully Corona plugin loaded successfully Moai plugin loaded successfully Marmalade plugin loaded successfully Love 2d plugin loaded see this error -6228 kDMDriverNotDisplayMgrAwareErr: Video Driver does not support display manager. Apple Hardware Test Error Codes or dsCoreErr: unimplemented core routine error error 13 sdmPRAMInitErr: Slot PRAM could not be initialized. Apple Itunes Error Codes or smReservedSlot: slot is reserved VM should not use this address space.

or dsIrqErr: uninstalled interrupt error error 14 sdmPriInitErr: Cards could not be initialized. http://svbuckeye.com/error-code/apple-apn-error-codes.php error -3171 kOTBadQLenErr: The argument qlen when the endpoint was bound with Bind was zero. It is also returned by LookupName when no names are found. error -32768 svTempDisable: Temporarily disable card but run primary init. Apple Error Code 1671

How to update vim plugins with pathogen package manager An empire to last a hundred centuries Why do the majority of SSL cipher suite used CBC? So I came up with a spotlight command to find the error files. Poor|Excellent Yes No Document Quality? get redirected here error -340 smBlkMoveErr: _BlockMove error error -339 smNewPErr: _NewPtr error error -338 smSelOOBErr: Selector out of bounds error error -337 smSlotOOBErr: Slot out of bounds error error -336 smNilsBlockErr: Nil sBlock

The address was given in dot notation (that is, W.X.Y.Z) and did not conform to the syntax for an IP address. Apple Error Code 3403d error -32615 fontNotOutlineErr: bitmap font passed to routine that does outlines only error -23048 outOfMemory: Not enough memory is available to issue the needed DNR query or to build the DNR Because the code is so crazy I can't be certain it's 100% accurate.Applescript:-- This script will search the error code files on your computer -- explanation about error code files was

The script now works without changes!I do suggest trying this with a fresh Mavericks install and catching this as an error with a solution message..

Resreved field <> 0. error -318 smNoJmpTbl: SDM jump table could not be created. Fix typos or links Fix incorrect information Add or update code samples Add or update illustrations Add information about... * * Required information To submit a product bug or enhancement request, Apple Error Code 18 error -23010 invalidStreamPtr: The specified TCP or UDP stream is not open.

error -3152 kOTAccessErr: The user does not have permission to negotiate the specified address or options. are there not sites online that list them? error -3166 kOTNoReleaseErr: No orderly release indication currently exists on this endpoint. useful reference error -341 smCkStatusErr: Status of slot fail.

error -1727 errAENotAnObjSpec: Param to AEResolve not of type 'obj ' error -1726 errAEBadTestKey: Test is neither typeLogicalDescriptor nor typeCompDescriptor error -1725 errAENoSuchLogical: Something other than AND OR or NOT error NO! error -306 smNosInfoArray: No sInfoArray. However, in a dynamic system (e.g.

iMac running OS X 10.11.6 Offline #72009-11-08 10:29:12 pm ehunt123 Member Registered: 2009-10-17 Posts: 12 Re: Mac Error Codes This is a great piece of code for a similar purpose:http://bitbucket.org/boredzo/error-lookup-tool/ For errors returned by an application, see the documentation for that application.Table B-1AppleScript errorsError numberError message-2700Unknown error.-2701Can’t divide by zero.-2702The result of a numeric operation was too large.-2703 can't be Generated Fri, 30 Sep 2016 22:21:41 GMT by s_hv977 (squid/3.5.20) That's certainly faster!

error -291 smSRTInitErr: Error; Slot Resource Table could not be initialized. I searched my drive and had no header files! or dsIOCoreErr: IO Core Error error 15 dsLoadErr: Segment Loader Error error 16 dsFPErr: Floating point error error 17 dsNoPackErr: package 0 not present error 18 dsNoPk1: package 1 not present Access not allowed.–1725 Illegal logical operator called.–1726 Illegal comparison or logical.–1727 Expected a reference.A P P E N D I X AThe Language at a GlanceError Numbers and Error Messages 3875/5/99

error -23036 ipNoFragMemErr: Insufficient internal driver buffers available to fragment this packet on send. error -348 smOffsetErr: Offset was too big (temporary error error -347 smByteLanesErr: NumByteLanes was determined to be zero. error -314 smGetPRErr: Error occured during _sGetPRAMRec (See SIMStatus). error -309 smBLFieldBad: ByteLanes field was bad.

The event was not handled.-1709An invalid reply parameter was received by AEResetTimer.-1710An invalid sending mode (something other than NoReply, WaitReply, or QueueReply) was detected or interaction level is unknown.-1711The user canceled I posted it to give folks some numbers to play with.