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App Error Code 11006


CBSCustomFieldFailedToBeAddedAsMeasure = 17017 Failed to add the custom field as a measure in the cube. CalendarCannotDeleteCalendarUsedByProject = 13033 Cannot delete a calendar that is being used in a project. PlannerInvalidProjectSNET = 28008 The "start no earlier than" date for the project is not valid. So I go through the cycle of turning off the machine and then back on just to print a couple of pages, and the next morning the error is back up http://svbuckeye.com/error-code/apb-error-code-11006.php

OptimizerCannotCalculateEfficientFrontier = 29714 The Optimizer cannot calculate the efficient frontier for the analysis. This will ALWAYS be the case in the Encore Release. PlannerInvalidCustomFieldUid = 28003 The GUID for a custom field is not valid. CalendarBadDateValue = 13015 The date is not valid. this page

Apb Reloaded Error Code 11006

There was also a pretty big post on the official forums about this error on patch day but i never went back to see if it was resolved. AdminViewCannotCopyDefaultView = 16605 Cannot copy the default view. NotificationQueueMessageFailed = 16082 Notification queue message failed.

AssignmentAlreadyExists = 131 The assignment already exists. PERERR_JTAPPLAY The JTAPI application layer generated the error. CustomFieldNameMatchesIntrinsicField = 11530 The custom field name matches an intrinsic field. Ctios Error Codes Error codes in Table 14 include items for project detail pages (PDPs), Exchange synchronization, the Project Web App timeline, and database errors.

OptimizerInvalidViewUid = 29513 The view GUID for the Optimizer is not valid. Apb Reloaded Login Failed Error Code 11006 lock_teldrive_instance Traces the lock and unlock for the telephony driver instance. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. This caused the Login to fail' 3rd Level Text = '' 10114 PERERR_TELDRIVE_CLIENTFAILURECALLBACK 1st Level Text = 'No client was found associated with a response' 2nd Level Text = 'This can

PlannerCannotUpdateMultipleSolutions = 28904 The Planner cannot update multiple solutions. Jtapi Gateway Error On Supervise Operation PlannerHorizonEndDateDoesNotMatchTimeScale = 28017 The end date of the time horizon does not match the time scale. ProjectNameMissing = 1026 Project name is missing. Any help would be appreciated!

Apb Reloaded Login Failed Error Code 11006

OptimizerCannotDeleteDriver = 29401 The project driver cannot be deleted. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/voice-unified-communications/unified-contact-center-enterprise/26142-error-codes.html Active Directory synchronization error codes Active Directory synchronization error code Description AdSyncUpdateTimerJobFailed = 27002 The update timer job failed for synchronization with Active Directory directory services. Apb Reloaded Error Code 11006 RestoreResourcesFailed = 29021 Cannot restore the resources. Cisco Finesse Error Codes AdSyncAdConnectFail = 27006 Cannot connect with Active Directory.

Last edited by Spectal | God Foot ( ´ ゝ`); Nov 23, 2012 @ 8:14pm #2 Spectal | God Foot ( ´ ゝ`) View Profile View Posts Nov 23, 2012 @ 8:14pm But this page OptimizerCannotCreateMultiplePrioritizations = 29305 Cannot create multiple driver prioritizations. GeneralDuplicateGUIDSpecified = 66 There is a duplicate GUID in the request. CustomFieldNameIsReservedName = 11722 A custom field name cannot be a reserved name. Ctios Failure Code 10

  • ProjectCannotAdd = 1040 Cannot use the AddToProject method on the server-side project.
  • GeneralQueueInvalidStatType = 26013 The queue status type is not valid.
  • Free up space on the drive or verify that you have write permission on the Temp folder. 1633 This installation package is not supported by this processor type.
  • PlannerNoHiredResource = 28924 There is no resource hired for the proposal.
  • Table 7.
  • AdminInvalidServerFlags = 28035 One or more flags in Project Server settings are not valid.
  • PlannerInvalidSolutionForScheduling = 28115 The Planner solution is not valid for scheduling because there are circular dependencies.
  • Please contact your system administrator. 1268 The revocation status of the smartcard certificate used for authentication could not be determined.

CustomFieldMaxValuesExceeded = 11712 Maximum custom field values exceeded. PlannerInvalidSolutionForDependencies = 28114 The Planner solution is not valid because there are too many projects for considering business dependencies or conflicts. RestoreCustomFieldsFailure = 25027 Cannot restore the custom fields from the archive. get redirected here PlannerInvalidAnalysisStartDate = 28010 The START_DATE for the project is not valid.

GeneralObjectAlreadyExists = 20008 The object already exists. Finesse Error Code Cti-32 CalendarCannotDeleteCalendarUsedByEnterpriseResource = 13042 The calendar is in use by an enterprise resource and cannot be deleted. ProjectIsNotPublished = 1051 Project not published.

ProjectHasReadLock = 1033 Project has a read lock.

yes your error is failure to connect. OptimizerCannotCreateSolutionWhileAnalysisUpdateIsPending = 29728 Cannot create an Optimizer solution while an analysis update is pending. ArchiveProjectFailed = 25002 Cannot save the project archive. Cti Warning The Device Identifier Is Not Valid RestoreCategoriesFailed = 25013 Cannot restore the security categories.

AdminUpdateArchiveScheduleFailed = 25006 Failed to update the archive schedule. ProjectTypeInvalidForCreate = 1003 The project type for the create operation is not valid. GeneralActionCanceledBecauseServerEventServiceProblem = 22002 There is a problem in the Project Server Event Service. useful reference ProjectCannotEditCostResource = 1050 Cannot edit cost resource.

OptimizerEngineBinaryTimedOut = 29105 The Optimizer calculation timed out. OptimizerInvalidForceLookupTableValue = 29727 The force lookup table value is not valid. ProjectActualsAreProtected = 1047 The project actuals are protected. This could indicate either an internal error or a configuration error' 3rd Level Text = '' 10126 PERERR_TELDRIVE_NODIALEDNUMBERFORID_AT 1st Level Text = 'No dialed number for the dialed number ID specified

OptimizerInvalidSolutionUid = 29512 The solution GUID for the Optimizer is not valid. OptimizerDepDuplicateDependentProjects = 29004 There are duplicate projects in the OptimizerDependencyDataSet.OptimizerDependencyDetailsDataTable. DatabaseCannotInsertDuplicateKeyError = 50001 The database cannot insert a duplicate key. NotificationReminderParentNotFound = 16052 Parent of the reminder notification is not found.

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