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An Error Occurred While Calling The Last Windows Api Function


The i2c layer is handled entirely by the hardware on the card talking over the interconnect to the monitor. You must install a Windows service pack that contains a newer version of the Windows Installer service. ERROR_PRODUCT_UNINSTALLED 1614 (0x64E) Product is uninstalled. ERROR_BAD_QUERY_SYNTAX 1615 (0x64F) SQL query syntax i lurk there, will talk. This could be a problem with the package, or a problem connecting to a domain controller on the network. navigate here

if (ret == NoMoreItems || ret == Success) then return (elems:acc) else loop (elems:acc) revelemss <- loop [] return $ concat $ reverse revelemss addSubnetElementV4 :: DhcpApi -> Text -> Ip For debugging purposes the API keeps the last condition in twitter::*last-condition*. WSAEPROTOTYPE 10041 Protocol wrong type for socket. Primarily useful for plug & play. their explanation

An Internal Error Occurred While Calling 'processdpcommandsex' Api

System Error [3].   1715 Installed [2].   1716 Configured [2].   1717 Removed [2].   1718 File [2] was rejected by digital signature policy. A specific XML parser error will be posted.0xC0011008-1073672184DTS_E_LOADFROMXMLError loading from XML. Contact your support personnel. Contact your product vendor. ERROR_INSTALL_NOTUSED 1634 (0x662) Component not used on this computer. ERROR_PATCH_PACKAGE_OPEN_FAILED 1635 (0x663) This update package could not be opened.

An application used a Windows Sockets function that directly maps to a Windows function. No path exists for entry [2] in Directory table.   2708 No entries found in the file table.   2709 The specified Component name ('[2]') not found in Component table.   Click Cancel to quit, Retry to check available disk space again, or Ignore to continue without rollback. Msi Motherboard Error Codes Set the destination property name.0xC001F031-1073614799DTS_E_INVALIDPROPERTYMAPPINGSFOUNDThe package failed to restore at least one property mapping.0xC001F032-1073614798DTS_E_AMBIGUOUSVARIABLENAMEThe variable name is ambiguous because multiple variables with this name exist in different namespaces.

When trouble-shooting the DLL you may need to use one or more of the tools described in KB198038. 2739 Could not access JScript run time for custom action [2]. The ID of the package and the ID in the checkpoint file do not match.0xC001604A-1073651638DTS_E_CHECKPOINTFILEALREADYEXISTSAn existing checkpoint file is found with contents that do not appear to be for this package, while loading package file "%3" into an XML document. %2.0xC00220E4-1073602332DTS_E_TKEXECPACKAGE_UNABLETOLOADError 0x%1!8.8X! see it here If you have additional suggestions regarding the System Error Codes documentation, given the constraints enumerated at the top of the page, please click the link labeled "Send comments about this topic

WSATYPE_NOT_FOUND 10109 Class type not found. Msi Error Codes This error can occur when the server does not exist, or the proxy settings are incorrect.0xC0016004-1073651708DTS_E_CONNECTIONTERMINATEDThe connection with the server has been reset or terminated. This can occur due to an out-of-memory condition.0xC0014007-1073659897DTS_E_ODBCERRORENVThere was an error creating an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) environment.0xC0014008-1073659896DTS_E_ODBCERRORDBCThere was an error creating an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) database connection.0xC0014009-1073659895DTS_E_ODBCERRORCONNECTThere was an ERROR_UNKNOWN_PROPERTY1608This is an unknown property.

An Internal Error Occurred While Calling 'opendocument' Api

When bind is called with a wildcard address (involving ADDR_ANY), a WSAEADDRINUSE error could be delayed until the specific address is committed. To restart now click Yes, or click No if you plan to manually restart at a later time. An Internal Error Occurred While Calling 'processdpcommandsex' Api Supply a valid connection to continue.0xC002911B-1073573605DTS_E_BITASK_DESTINATION_TABLE_NOT_SPECIFIEDYou must specify a table name to continue.0xC002911C-1073573604DTS_E_BITASK_ERROR_IN_LOAD_FROM_XMLError occurred in LoadFromXML at the tag "%1".0xC002911D-1073573603DTS_E_BITASK_ERROR_IN_SAVE_TO_XMLError occurred in SaveToXML at the tag "%1".0xC002911E-1073573602DTS_E_BITASKUNMANCONNECTION_INVALID_CONNECTIONThe connection is not valid.0xC002911F-1073573601DTS_E_BITASKUNMANCONNECTION_EXECUTE_FAILEDExecution Msi Error Code 1603 The usual example for this is a host name-to-address translation attempt (using gethostbyname or WSAAsyncGetHostByName) which uses the DNS (Domain Name Server).

A program required for this install to complete could not be run. http://svbuckeye.com/error-code/an-error-c01-has-occurred.php You need to remove the executable from the current Executables collection before attempting to add it.0xC0014005-1073659899DTS_E_UNKNOWNCONNECTIONMANAGERTYPEThe connection type "%1" specified for connection manager "%2" is not recognized as a valid connection For Windows Me, see the InstallSFPCatalogFile action, the FileSFPCatalog table, and the SFPCatalog table. 1932 The Windows Installer service cannot update the protected Windows file [2]. The protocol family has not been configured into the system or no implementation for it exists. Windows Installer Error Codes

For more information about cursors, see Cursors and Block Cursors.The SQL_ATTR_ROW_ARRAY_SIZE statement attribute specifies the number of rows in the rowset. The name cannot be set to NULL.0xC001F201-1073614335DTS_E_DTSNAME_NOTEMPTYThe object name is not valid. It's all keyboard commands, and written in common #lisp" "Drawing a tree graph of my objects and their slots, in #lisp. his comment is here If rollback is disabled, enough space is available.

System error [3].   1408 Could not get sub key names for key [2]. Mainenginethread Is Returning 2 Verify that you have the script host installed properly.0xC0029108-1073573624DTS_E_AXTASKUTIL_SCRIPTHOSTINIT_FAILEDAn error occurred while trying to instantiate the script host for the chosen language. Failed to save table [3].   2278 Database: [2].

This error code is returned if the user chooses not to try the installation.

data Context = Context { -- | The DHCP server management API uses an RPC mechanism to control the -- server. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid. support? (low priority) OpenID? Mainenginethread Is Returning 1603 ODBC Programmer's Reference ODBC Reference ODBC API Reference ODBC API Reference SQLFetch Function SQLFetch Function SQLFetch Function SQLAllocConnect Function SQLAllocEnv Function SQLAllocHandle Function SQLAllocStmt Function SQLBindCol Function SQLBindParameter Function SQLBrowseConnect Function

The function was called without first calling SQLExecDirect, SQLExecute or a catalog function.(DM) An asynchronously executing function (not this one) was called for the StatementHandle and was still executing when this This is usually a temporary error during host name resolution and means that the local server did not receive a response from an authoritative server. This error occurs if the default saved XML of an extensible object was changed in a way that a saved object is no longer found, or if the extensible object itself http://svbuckeye.com/error-code/apache-windows-service-error-code-1.php That user will need to run that install again before they can use that product.

DailyProgrammer 284: Wandering Fingers What does Sauron need with mithril? This method is used at design-time only.0xC001401C-1073659876DTS_E_SQLPERSISTENCEVERSIONStoring or modifying packages in SQL Server requires the SSIS runtime and database to be the same version. For Windows Me, see the InstallSFPCatalogFile action, the FileSFPCatalog table, and the SFPCatalog table. 2940 Directory Manager not supplied for source resolution.   2941 Unable to compute the CRC for file [2]. For more information, see Using Windows Installer and Windows Resource Protection.

An authenticating user (with valid username & password slots) can be passed to a command using the :user option. HRESULT: [3]. {{assembly interface: [4], function: [5], assembly name: [6]}} For more information, see Assemblies. This function was called before data was retrieved for all streamed parameters.(DM) The specified StatementHandle was not in an executed state. Available beginning with Windows Installer version 3.0.

If an error occurs on a single column, SQLGetDiagField can be called with a DiagIdentifier of SQL_DIAG_COLUMN_NUMBER to determine the column the error occurred on; and SQLGetDiagField can be called with Registered operation returned : [2].   2113 Detection of running applications failed.   2200 Database: [2]. ERROR_PATCH_NO_SEQUENCE1648No valid sequence could be found for the set of patches.