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Finding Ways To Keep Up With Sales

How To Buy The Best Wholesale Fabric Online.

As a designer, among the things that keep many people anxious is ordering a fabric online and not being sure of what they will get after the delivery. With the starters in the design business, this is one of the things that makes it so hard and also you will find that people are not too sure of what to expect in such a case. When it comes to the kind of fabrics in question, you will find that some people will go to the internet to research well more about what they would really need to use. There are a number of things one has to keep in mind when it comes to buying the Fabrics from an online store.

The first thing is to understand the need for a continuous business if you will be ready for that. You have to keep in mind that the size of the yardage is very important when it comes to the best kind of a seller to deal with. You ought to keep in mind that the kind of production yardage that there is a key thing to be considered when it comes to constant supply in your business to avoid disappointing your customers. It will be very good to know what you want and how you want it done. Starting a business on the wrong line of fabrics will be wrong as well as you will need to reorder in any given case.

There is an importance in ordering the right fabric to be used. There is no need to buy so much material that you have not planned for its use since it is a waste. Your cash will be wasted in such a case and also the amount of bulk in question will need to be avoided in the stores.

You must always keep in mind that different fabrics have different ways of reflecting colors. How a certain color will appear on a given fabric is totally different from how it will be able to appear on the other. You will need a sample material first before you get to order to avoid being disappointed. In many cases you will find that colors will be different when dealing with the different lighting in which case you can never trust the online images. In the case that you have not purchased the right fabric, you will find that it will be hard to return it to the seller and that will lead you to great loses incurred.

In the case that you find the fabric you are buying is in bulk, then consider checking if it is of good quality. In many cases people will open up the first roll and then assume that the rest is just fine.

Source: http://www.akamatra.com/2016/12/get-crafty-diys-to-update-your-home.html

Vintage Womens Shoes – Breaking Barriers in Fashion


Vintage clothing and accessories has always been a huge hit among people of all ages. When the accessories and clothing have been this popular, can vintage shoes be left far behind? Vintage shoes are a class apart, and their appeal among both men as well as women is timeless. Vintage women’s shoes have some amazing collection to choose from. You are sure to be spoilt for choice if you are to select vintage women’s footwear. Vintage women’s Tania sandals are a unique vintage footwear collection which is sure to be liked by every woman.

Tania sandals are made of leather luxe snake skin. The daring style of these sandals would make you easily noticeable and you are to stand out in a crowd. This kind of shoes is a perfect wear for either a date night in, or a night out. The sexy stiletto style of these vintage shoes along with its flirty open toe is sure to give you that figure flattering kind of exposure which would surely be difficult to resist! The vintage women’s tamra sandal is an out and out thrill seeker! This vintage sandal can be worn for both day as well as night. An unbeatable silhouette is presented by this sandal which is a heady mix of sexy stiletto coupled with sassy snake skin. This kind of sandals would go wonderfully well with any kind of dress that you pull out from your closet. The straps design and the sexy open toe gives a very light look to this sandal.

Zena Peep toe wedge shoes are another classy vintage footwear collection for women. The retro look of these shoes is an eye stealer, for sure! This re make vintage pair is a hot favourite among vintage footwear lovers. This pair sure looks like it came straight via a time machine to the footwear lovers of today. The detailing and the silhouette of this pair makes it a must have for your footwear collection. Barletta ballet flat shoes are another must have pair for your vintage collection of footwear. These casuals help you streamline your look comfortably and fashionably. These shoes are made of leather or suede upper and have a round apron toe which gives it a cute yet attractive vintage look to flaunt. The easy fit of this slip on design makes them a must have for every vintage footwear lover. This pair comes with a notched tongue and an elasticized stretch kind of a fabric forming the inlay of the footwear.

The orthopaedic foot bed of this design makes it very comfortable to wear. The cushioning kind of Mogul construction makes this footwear all the more attractive. Barletta ballet flat shoes give you the perfect support for your feet, as it comes with a padded arch kind of a support for your feet, and has a flexible kind of mid sole. The rubber traction out sole of this pair makes it safe for use even on slippery surfaces. The super soft features and elastic inset gives your feet that perfect flexibility which would let you carry this pair comfortably all through the day.


The Effect of Women’s Leather Gloves on the Fashion Industry


Fashion is all about adding style to a purpose. For women it is the ultimate statement. It turns heads at parties and makes guys drop their cup at the water cooler in the office. It can range from high-street glamour to those that love luxury for less.

Leather gloves are no longer just for work. Fashion has taken hold of them and transformed them into elegant, refined and luxurious items. Women have made them look stunning, and have brought them to life, on their hands! They are highly acclaimed and have made it to the top of the fashion world.

Very early, women’s leather garments were often doused with perfumes. Stylish from the beginning of time. Women make leather gloves look good, and feel good-like the luxurious item that it is. A glove will stretch and mold itself over a hand. It will not tear. It will retain its shape. That’s because leather is a natural material. It creates its own beauty on the hand of a woman. Yet, they offer a comfortable fit, and are highly suitable for driving, shopping or just walking around keeping your hands warm. And the unique thing is:- they have the ability to hold and grip items efficiently.

Women’s leather gloves became an integral part of women’s fashion during the Victorian age in England. The “new look” designs of modern times have had leather gloves feature in haute couture collections. Movie stars have worn them. Marilyn Monroe wore pink leather gloves when she sang “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. From the 50’s to the present day, celebrity-glove-wearing-starlets proved that leather gloves were fast becoming recognized amongst the fashion-smart, chic women all over the world. Celebrities play a huge part in advertising because there is nothing better than being seen at weddings, parties, anything, wearing a cool pair of ladies leather gloves.

Women world wide want to make a fashion statement and be assured that all eyes are on them.

Fashion occupies centre stage in our modern culture and is more visual now than ever before, thanks to the immense coverage from western media. “The fashion industry has long been one of the largest employers in the United States, and remains so in the 21st century”. Women realize that it is not simply a matter of social identity and being seen at the “right places”, wearing the “right garments”; but that it has become an art. When a woman said, “Oh it’s just something I threw together myself”, she may not have realized it, but she may have started a cultural revolution!


Wide-Leg Maternity Jeans Give the Pregnant Woman Extra Fashion Options


Women with shorter stature find themselves ‘lacking’ when not wearing heels. With wide leg maternity jeans, you don’t have to go through unnecessary discomfort wearing 5-inch heeled shoes. With the right style, fabric and design, you’d look fabulous throughout pregnancy.

How is it possible to look taller even without heels?

Trick #1: Go for wide leg maternity jeans:

Wide-bottomed jeans create an illusion that makes you look taller. There are various designs and fabrics for these jeans. Choose fabrics that are smooth and stretchy to allow movement.

Trick #2: Wash and streaks:

Wide leg maternity jeans are still in demand in today’s fashion. Dark wash and acid wash are two common washes you see in most jeans today. Dark washes are more suited for pregnant women with larger thighs. This hides the bulk around your thighs, giving it a more slender and longer look. Acid washes are great for women with slender thighs.

To complete this ‘illusion’, longitudinal streaks lengthen the legs further. Dark jeans with white streaks would look great with a casual top or blouse.

Trick # 3: Branded vs. Non-branded:

Maternity wear should be worth your money without sacrificing your comfort. If you can stretch your budget a little bit, branded jeans are the way to go! J Brand, Seven, Juicy Couture and Maternal America sell some of the best wide leg jeans in the maternity market.

For the budget conscious, bargain stores are available for the hunt! There are several brick and mortar establishments that sell wide leg jeans for pregnant women at half the price. Finding a comfortable pair under these circumstances might be a bit tricky — but not impossible.

For the finishing touches, a little creativity wouldn’t hurt. Play with trendy tops, accessories and shoes. Even with flats or flip-flops, you would still great with these wide-leg jeans. “Drab” doesn’t have to be standard when you’re going through pregnancy. Look fantastic with a great pair of jeans and sleek top — even without heels.


Fashion Advice For Contemporary Women Over Fifty


If you’re a woman who is over fifty, you’ve probably heard all the old standard fashion advice for ‘mature’ women. Wear turtlenecks, they cover up wrinkled necks. Wear your skirts below your knee, it’s more age appropriate. You’re too old to wear long hair, it ages you.

The list goes on. Well, that list is antiquated. Throw it out. Today’s 50-plus woman doesn’t have to give up her sense of style just because she had another birthday. Here are some suggestions to help you dress to make you look and feel good about yourself.

Be Confident in Yourself

Wear your confidence like a designer gown. You’ve lived enough life that you are knowledgeable, experienced and can believe in your own self worth. You’ve earned the right to trust your own taste and judgment. If it feels right to you, it probably is. Don’t let anyone dictate what your personal style must be simply because you’ve passed a mile marker.

Often, you are told to avoid trends, and that may be right sometimes, just as women of all ages should be selective about the fashion trends they choose to follow. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in certain ones that appeal to you and suit your particular body type. Being over fifty doesn’t mean you know longer love to look stylish and up to date. Trust in your instincts.

Know Your Flaws

Yes, your body has changed over the years. Your arms may not be as firm as they once were and the girls may not be quite as perky as they used to be. Maybe your rear has spread some or your tummy is no longer concave. So, yes, you may have to change your fashion strategies a bit. That doesn’t mean you are suddenly sentenced to live the rest of your life in drab, baggy clothes with no style at all. It just means

you need to think about ways to disguise the problem areas and flatter the rest of your body. If you are uncomfortable with saggy upper arms, then either don’t wear sleeveless garments or add a shrug or jacket. If you are bothered by widening hips, accent the top half of your body with shirts or sweaters with rich color, v-necks or vertical stripes and de-emphasize the lower half with solid, dark colors. A-line skirts and wide-legged trousers also help minimize a bulky bottom.

Invest in Well-Fitting Undergarments

Gravity does take its toll on our bodies no matter how hard we fight it. The best way to help control the g-factor is with undergarments that fit correctly and do their job properly. Indulge yourself and go have a bra fitted by a professional. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a quality bra that fits correctly can make in your figure. It is a well known fact that most women don’t buy the right bra for their body. It’s more important now than ever to change that.

The same goes with panties. Panty lines are unattractive on anyone, no matter what their age. If your butt or tummy is a little flabby, don’t wear tight bikini panties that cut in and emphasizes that fact. People may make fun of granny panties, but a well-fitting pair of briefs is a good option for many people. If you’re over fifty, don’t fall victim to out of date fashion dictates for mature women. Your love for fashion is still alive. Indulge it.


Choosing the Right Fashion Earrings for Women


Whether you prefer understated and elegant, punk couture, or a bit of bling, the perfect pair of earrings can be just the right complement to any woman’s outfit. When it comes to choosing fashion earrings for women though, many shoppers fail to take into consideration that certain types of earrings look better with certain face shapes. Here’s a handy guide that can help you determine what types of earring sets are most likely to complement your face shape.

Round Out a Longer or Heart-Shaped Face

If your face tends to be long and narrow, you will want to avoid thin, long dangly earrings. These types of fashion earrings for women will only make your face appear even longer and leaner. Instead, choose earring sets that have more volume, especially at the bottom. Dangle earrings with baubles or teardrop shapes are excellent choices that can widen the appearance of the face. These types of earrings also work well for a heart-shaped face, which tends to be wider at the top and tapers to a smaller chin.

Slim a Round Face

For a rounder face, long earrings with a sleek and less voluminous design help to slim the appearance of the face. Women who want to deemphasize a round face should avoid hoops or other types of circular earrings. This is because circles and hoops tend to draw the eye horizontally and can make the face appear even rounder. In contrast, longer earrings tend to draw the eye in a vertical line that elongates the appearance of a round face to make it seem slimmer.

Deemphasize a Wide or Square Face

Wide or square faces can be complemented by earring sets with subtle curves. Oval shaped earrings, detailed hoops, or medium length dangly earrings with round baubles are styles that tend to complement these face shapes. Women with these face shape should avoid excessively long or voluminous earrings. Earrings that have a cascading or flared look are particularly flattering for a wide face shape.

Oval Shaped Faces

Oval shaped faces are well balanced, and just about any type of earring can be worn by women with this face shape, though teardrop and oval shaped earring sets tend to complement an oval shaped face especially well. While there are endless possibilities when it comes to the style of the earrings worn, it is important to remember to balance the size of the earrings against the size of the face. Gaudy, overly large earrings will not look good on a petite woman with a small face. Likewise, women with larger faces may need bigger earrings to achieve a balanced look.

Fortunately, whether you’re a fan of bare metal, precious stones or glitz and glam, you can use these guidelines to choose the type of earring sets that suit your unique sense of style, yet at the same time draw attention to your most attractive features while deemphasizing the least attractive ones. Using these guidelines to evaluate fashion earrings for women can help you put your best face forward. Just as you take care in choosing clothing that flatters your figure type, you should also take care in choosing earrings that flatter your facial type.


Lucchese Womens Fashion Cowboy Boots – The Ultimate Accessory For Your Wardrobe


When it comes to cowboy boots today they are no longer a function piece of footwear. Rather they have become a very important accessory in many women’s wardrobes today. Finding a great looking pair of womens fashion cowboy boots has become a great deal easier through the introduction of the internet.

As you carry out a search online you will find that there are many wonderful styles and designs to select from and among the most popular of these are those created by Lucchese. As well as looking absolutely stunning the way in which these boots are made ensures that they fit snuggly providing you with real comfort when worn. Investing in a pair of these boots can really enhance any outfit that you currently have in your wardrobe.

The company was founded back in 1883 and was located in San Antonio, Texas. When founded the company chose to supply functional footwear not only to the ranchers located around the town but also a nearby military base as well. It was started by a family who chose to immigrate to the USA from Italy where for many years they had been making shoes. However on arrival in the US they decided the time had come for them to expand and they combined the art of Italian shoe making with the styling that has now become synonymous with all makes and styles of cowboy boots today.

But then in the 1960’s one of the direct descendants who founded Lucchese became more interested in the human anatomy especially when it came to posture and feet. Because of this interest the knowledge gained helped the company to move on in creating new designs and have now developed into some of the world’s most orthopedically healthy cowboy boots.

Today after more than 100 years of making such boots they still design all theirs by hand. However the company is no longer to be found in San Antonio but now in El Paso. To ensure that every single pair of their womens fashion cowboy boots meet this company’s exacting standards all their employees undergo intensive training in relation to the making of their boots. In fact no other cowboy boots are created in the same way that those by Lucchese are.

Each design of boots that Lucchese create are required to be able to conform to the shape of a person’s feet so that they also feel like one is wearing a second skin. As you would expect the finest leather is used in the making of their boots and each piece of leather used is carefully chosen to ensure that the quality of these boots remains high. Also they will only use the finest quality leather in their boots to ensure that they can produce very detailed designs on them so you know they truly will make a statement when worn. These are the types of womens cowboy boots that shouldn’t be hidden away but worn clearly visible to everyone.

Unfortunately these Lucchese womens fashion cowboy boots aren’t cheap to purchase but you are paying for what you get. You aren’t only getting cowboy boots from Lucchese that are comfortable to wear but will truly help any outfit look fantastic and help you to really make a statement.


Women’s Casual Wear – Less Is More!


The women’s fashion world is constantly changing but the one thing you can be sure about is personal style. What you’ll find today is that casual wear has greatly taken over the women’s fashion clothes market. Instead of spending hours creating the look you desire, the minimalist approach today provides more time to show off your look and less time creating it!

The less is more statement in fashion could not have come at a better time. With today’s economy the average woman is no longer able to spend hundreds of dollars a month on new clothes. With this in mind, let’s go through the different minimalist looks you can take advantage of without having to break the bank to get them.

•Leggings and tunics are by far the most popular look within women’s casual clothing today. By owning perhaps a pair of black leggings and a neutral color tunic as well as a sequence tunic you have created a day-time outfit as well as an evening look with only three pieces of clothing. Perfect!

•Cardigans are a great way to create a casual and comfortable look with very little effort. Take your favourite t-shirt and jeans and match them with a great and luxurious cardigan and you are now looking fabulous and feeling comfortable. See how easy these outfits can be put together?

•Prints and patterns are what can create an elegant look without having to utilize multiple pieces of clothing and accessories to get there. Whether you choose a leopard print cotton top or tunic, you are taking the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary with no effort; the pattern does the work for you.

•For those occasions you would generally choose an evening gown, this year’s casual wear encourages you to mix it up! Instead of an evening gown why not choose a pair of leather mini shorts paired with a great chiffon blouse and over-sized jewellery to finish the look. Don’t forget that you’re footwear is on display as well so choose the perfect stiletto.

•Lastly, if you want to look as though you have purchased designer clothes without actually having to spend the money here’s a tip. All you have to do is combine neutral colors, soft fabrics with lace and leather and you have an outfit ready to be modelled.

If you are someone who has always struggled in the women’s fashion world the creation of the casual clothing and minimalist look is a blessing for you. With very little thought, time and money you can duplicate any look you see on the fashion magazines. Women’s casual wear is quickly evolving and becoming the now and possibly future of women’s fashion trends. Take a look through your closet and I bet you will find a few minimalist pieces that you can use to create one of today’s hottest trends without having to go and buy something new! This is how easy women’s fashion has become, take advantage!


Women’s Clothing Myths Busted


Most women are updated with the latest trends and hottest clothing apparels in the market. Having a yearly subscription to fashion and lifestyle magazines is just an ordinary thing for some women who really pay attention and take time to learn about the latest fashion trends. It is really amazing what some women will do to look beautiful. If that that is the case for most women, then why do we still see a lot of women who are wearing hideous clothes and outfits that make them stand out in the crowd for the wrong reasons. There is a big chance that you have seen this woman who walks in very confidently. People will stare at her and stare a little bit more. But they are not staring because they like what they see. They are staring because they cannot just believe that someone would wear that.

So for the benefit of every woman who does not want to be a victim that very embarrassing situation, here is a list of clothing myths for women:

1. Making fashion magazines your Bible. Contrary to the popular belief, not all the things that you learn from magazines can work for you. You have to remember that the main goal of magazines is to advertise. The clothes shops and companies pay a big amount of money to get featured in magazines because most women fall into the wagon of buying brands that are they see in magazines. Some styles might work for you but you just have to stop thinking that magazines only feature things that are nothing but great. The most important thing to remember is to know your own body. Know your best assets and flaunt them.

2. Choosing any celebrity as your fashion icon. Every woman, no matter how beautiful or skinny they are, cannot sport all kinds of outfits and styles that celebrities pull off. It might sound as a cliché but everyone is special and unique so if you just copy every style or buy all the outfits that you see in the popular magazines, it does not give you a free pass to looking fabulous. Most celebrities, if not all of them, have stylists that know every part of their clients’ body. They know their assets. They know the parts of their bodies that are considered to be problem areas so they work on that. You do not have to hire a professional stylist to choose clothes that will make you look even more beautiful. Just become your own stylist. Nobody knows your body like you do. So work with what you have and make the most out of it.

Hopefully, you were saved from being the next fashion victim by reading those tips. You just have to remember that beautiful clothing should not be cookie cutter. You should know and love your body and work with what you have. You can be beautiful without listening to everything that media tells you. You are your own unique self and copying the styles and outfits of celebrities only hide the true you.


6 Worst Fashion Blunders For Women Over 40


You’re either trying too hard or not at all.

Are you wearing your daughter’s jeans and applying make-up the way you did when you when you were in your 20s? Or have you gone to the other extreme-walking around in frumpy clothes and giving off that vibe that says, “I just don’t care anymore.”

Going one extreme or the other are some of the problems that plague woman over 40, image consultants say. If you want to look fabulous for you age, avoid these mistakes.

1. The wrong mindset-This may be the biggest mistake, says Ana Murillo, a 42-year-old image consultant in Phoenix. “It’s attitude, really,” she says. “When we feel good about ourselves, when we know who we are, we don’t have to work too hard.”

2. Wearing the wrong bra-Are you pouching out of your cups or are you just hanging low? Either way, the image consultants stress the importance of wearing the right size. Your clothes will look better and you’ll look taller and slimmer.

Showing off bulges, dimples and other unflattering signs of an aging body-Be mindful of undergarments. They camouflage a multitude of sin and age and make your body look fantastic in clothes.

3. The natural look-You may have been able to pull this off when you were younger, but when you’re over 40, you have to wear at least some make-up, Jobity says. “In terms of projecting a polished image, your face has to be done.”

4. Going heavy on the face paint-Make-up needs to be subtle; otherwise, you run the risk of looking older than you actually are. “I didn’t want to change my make-up,” says Veronica Lane, a 42-year-old Los-Angeles-based make-up artist. “I had to change my make-up.”

Lane says women make the mistake of wearing foundation that is too heavy-something that can add years on a face. Dark, heavy eyeliner is also out of the question. It’s just too aging, she says. Browns, grays and plums are better than black. She says women over 40 need to update their make-up.

5. Losing all interest-“My clients are the ones who have gone the other extreme, where they’ve given up,” says Ginger Burr, a Massachusetts-based image consultant and author of the book Fashion Secrets Mother Never Taught You.

She says many women over 40 are frustrated because it’s hard for them to find great clothes. Don’t give up, she says. It may be frustrating, but there are plenty of great clothes for women whose bodies have changed. You may just have to look a little harder.

And if you have given up, try going to an image consultant or a make-up artist.

6. Dressing like your daughter-Many of you are revealing way too much cleavage and showing off body parts that are best left covered. At a certain age, it just doesn’t look good, says Natalie Jobity, owner of Elan Image Management, an image consulting business in the Washington, D.C. area.

“There comes a time when it looks like you’re trying too hard,” Jobity says. Short skirts and tight pants, even on the best of bodies, are too much, she says.