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Application Error Failure In Getting Cluster Database Configuration For

Action: Make sure that the correct name/value string format is used: = PRKO-2010: "Error in adding instance to node: " Cause: An error occurred when adding instance to Cluster Database configuration. PRKC-1107: Failed to create symbolic link from file \" class="msgaction" 6\" to \" class="msgaction" 5\" on node \" class="msgaction" 4\", class="msgaction" 3 Cause: Could not create symbolic link. Action: Verify that user equivalence is properly configured. PRKC-1031: Error checking free space for class="msgexplan" 2 on class="msgexplan" 1 Cause: Might be due to a network issue or to an improper user equivalence setup. useful reference

PRKC-1080: Failed to transfer file \" class="msg" 3\" to any of the given nodes \" class="msg" 2\". Action: Verify permission to create the destination file. Check the ASM resource status. BUT it transited without problems. this page

With HAIP, by default, interconnect traffic will be load balanced across all active interconnect interfaces, and corresponding HAIP address will be failed over transparently to other adapters if one fails or Action: No action required. Verify the permissions for the parent directory on the given nodes. Grokbase › Groups › Oracle › oracle-l › November 2008 FAQ Badges Users Groups [Oracle-l] Unable to start srvctl on RAC Nodes AshwinNov 6, 2008 at 7:37 pm Hi,I performed the

For details refer to "(:CLSN00107:)" in "/u01/app/grid/11.2.0/log/wdlab1/agent/crsd/oraagent_oracle/oraagent_oracle.log". Action: Contact support. Post to Cancel Skip to content Anand's Blog My experiences and views on Oracle Database DB startup/shutdown error after downgrade from 11gR2 to10gR2 Posted on February 20, 2012February 20, 2012 by Action: Verify that user equivalence is properly configured.

Action: Stop and remove the running GSD and create the GSD application again using the 'srvctl add nodeapps' command. PRKC-1071: Nodes \" class="msgentry" 6\" did not respond to ping in \" class="msgentry" 5\" seconds, class="msgentry" 4 Cause: The node might be down or there could be a network outage. Check the log files for details. PRKO-2119: "Error in checking enable/disable status of ASM instance class="msgaction" 0 onnode class="msgentry" 9." Cause: There was some problem when checking the status of the ASM instance.

PRKC-1094: Failed to retrieve the active version of crs: class="msgset" 4 Cause: Cluster is not setup properly. PRKC-1064: Node list class="msgaction" 9 contained class="msgaction" 8 nodes whereas the cluster has class="msgaction" 7 nodes Cause: The node list that is configured for the cluster does not match the given Action: Contact your customer support representative. Action: Add Virtual IP addresses to the cluster using 'srvctl add vip_range' PRKA-2009: Remote command failed Cause: An error occurred while trying to execute an operation by the Global Services Daemon

PRKI-2064 Unable to update registry entries on the nodes Cause: Lack of permission to modify registry entries on the nodes, error while updating the registries. http://www.freelists.org/post/oracle-l/Unable-to-start-srvctl-on-RAC-Nodes,2 While start the db using srvctl - wdlab1: (matrix1) /u01/app/oracle/product/rdbms/10205> srvctl start database -d matrix_lab -o open PRKR-1001 : cluster database matrix_lab does not exist PRKO-2005 : Application error: Failure in PRKP-1026 "No instance found for database class="msgexplan" 4." Cause: An attempt was made to operate on a non-configured instance. Action: Edit the contents of the list file before reattempting the command.

Verify that the library exists, and that the libraries it depends on are readable and are in the load path. see here Action: Verify whether the crs_stat command gives the status of the CRS resources registered. Casually on one of opened a DB new DB-houmom, the DB because of what grunted... PRKC-1120: Failed to retrieve data for value \" class="msgaction" 9\" of registry key \" class="msgaction" 8\" on node \" class="msgaction" 7\", [3] Cause: Registry operation failed.

PRKO-2116: "Error in checking condition of ONS daemon on node: " Cause: There is a problem with the CRS daemon, or the ONS resource is in an unknown state. Action: None required. Action: Check CRS logs in ORA_CRS_HOME/log/ and OCR logs in ORA_CRS_HOME/srvm/log. this page PRKC-1095: OLE initialization or OCX load error while registering OCX library on nodes \" class="msgset" 3\", class="msgset" 2 Cause: Cluster is not setup properly.

Cause: Absence of Oracle disk partition, failure to load OLM dll. PRKC-1083: Failed to remove listed directory in \" class="msgaction" 8\" to any of the given nodes \" class="msgaction" 7\". This can occur because the operating system dependent clusterware was not functioning properly.

ggsci> delete ext 4.

Action: Try changing the permission on the file to the specified permission PRKR-1025 "file {0} does not contain property {1}" Cause: The file did not contain the specified property. Add the instance and db info using srvctl from 10gR2 home wdlab1: (matrix1) /u01/app/oracle/product/rdbms/10205/bin> which srvctl /u01/app/oracle/product/rdbms/10205/bin/srvctl wdlab1: (matrix1) /u01/app/oracle/product/rdbms/10205/bin> srvctl add database -d matrix_lab -o /u01/app/oracle/product/rdbms/10205 wdlab1: (matrix1) /u01/app/oracle/product/rdbms/10205/bin> srvctl PRKO-2016: "Error in checking condition of listener on node: " Cause: Could not get status information of a listener. PRKH-1010: Unable to communicate with CRS services Cause: The system is unable to communicate with the Oracle Clusterware services.

PRKP-1045 "Failed to disable the database class="msgentry" 0." Cause: Action: Contact support. Action: Contact support. Action: See earlier error messages for details. http://svbuckeye.com/application-error/application-error-rails-application-failed-to-start-properly-dreamhost.php Action: Try to start the service manually from the service control panel and check the Windows error message that it gives.

Action: Verify that the files exist and make sure that the files permissions are correct. Action: Set a value for the variable with "srvctl set env". Action: Use 'gsdctl stat' on each node to check if the Global Services Daemons are up. PRKI-2114 Cannot collect and verify hardware information for all the nodes.