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An Unknown Error Occurred While Processing The Certificate C#


When people brag about their abilities and belittle their opponents before a battle, competition, etc UI performance with large image data Can you omit the return type in main function? If count of items in queue is larger than 20 it will send the message, if not it will sleep for another 15 seconds. Tuesday, March 12, 2013 12:52 PM Reply | Quote Moderator 0 Sign in to vote Hi Jan, Thank you for the question to the forums. NBD.) Announcing Chrome push notifications for the Spiceworks Community Beta Today we are proud to announce we are adding a new way for you to receive the Community updates that you http://svbuckeye.com/an-unknown/an-unknown-error-occurred-while-processing-the-certificate-p12.php

Firstly thanks for your nice share!! Thanks Reply June 1, 2012 at 12:37 am check says: Hello, I am Getting this Error in this line _apnsStream.AuthenticateAsClient(host, certificates, System.Security.Authentication.SslProtocols.Ssl3, false); A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception. which means i always create a new instance which has a list of one message and sends it , i understand that apple would prefer that i add them up a I have built ur project and have referenced it in my project. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33341149/sslstream-an-unknown-error-occurred-while-processing-the-certificate

Sys.webforms.pagerequestmanagerservererrorexception An Unknown Error Occurred While Processing

Reply April 9, 2012 at 4:30 pm miles says: I'm trying to use this library and have it working on a local machine but am having difficulties in putting it into Using Enhanced push notification you can sign each payload with a unique identifier and even better you can set TTL on each payload so apple know how long they should try Pretty ClockGauge: how to remove Second needle? Also the certificate developed should be correct as using same we can send push notification by a sample Mac OS app.

Firstly, run the server program with valid certificate file and the following just an example that using a sample CER file for Windows Mobile. If you turn off SSL, the problem might not appear. Locally my code run well. An Unknown Server-side Error Occurred While Processing The Command Appium and I imported into my win7 computer, then write a winform c# app, using moon apns library.

System.Net.Sockets Verbose: 0 : [2548] 00000010 : 89 10 0C E3 BA C7 4F 05-A6 41 90 57 E7 67 B9 6D : ......O..A.W.g.m System.Net.Sockets Verbose: 0 : [2548] 00000020 : An Unknown Error Occurred While Processing The Request On The Server var push = new PushNotification(True for using production certificates or False to use sandbox, "Location of P12 file","password"); Please let me know if you could not find the problem. openssl s_client -connect gateway.sandbox.push.apple.com:2195 -cert YourSSLCertAndPrivateKey.pem -debug -showcerts -CAfile "Entrust.net Certification Authority (2048).pem" You should download Entrust certificate and convert it to pem as APNS certificates are signed by Entrust. Thanks Mike Reply December 9, 2011 at 1:20 am hunter says: Hey arashnorouzi, thank you for this great library.

is it the virtual location where we installed it or it's the physical location on the drive? An Unknown Error Occurred While Processing The Certificate P12 Console::WriteLine("Client: Sending all my client luv to youuuu..."); sslStream->Write(messsage); sslStream->Flush(); // Read message from the server. After I send a message via moon apns libarary, the log said it sent succeeded. Reply johnwsaunder...

An Unknown Error Occurred While Processing The Request On The Server

I suspect this is because a non-received response. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/edgeaccessblog/2010/03/31/an-unknown-error-occurred-while-processing-the-certificate/ I created console App and followed your code. Sys.webforms.pagerequestmanagerservererrorexception An Unknown Error Occurred While Processing I am facing some problem using this, I had done all the certificates correctly checked with a dummy project on MAC I am getting the push notification but as soon as An Unknown Error Occurred While Processing The Request On The Server 500 That means that someone's going to have to find out what the error really was, in order to correct it.

Contributor 7410 Points 1971 Posts Re: An unknown error occurred while processing the certificate Oct 02, 2008 07:20 AM|johnwsaunders3|LINK Hey, I just noticed you never responded. http://svbuckeye.com/an-unknown/an-unknown-error-occurred-while-processing-your-request.php Any solution for this problem? how to solve this error. Is there anything wrong with my code or setup? An Unknown Server-side Error Occurred While Processing The Command

I could easily send push notifications to my IPhone from my windows app. August 10, 2011alexjacobs APNS, APNS Certificates, Apple push notification c# library, Apple push notifications, ASP.net, C#, Moon-APNS Post navigation ←→ 92 thoughts on “iOS Push Notifications in C# withMoon-APNS” ziv says: But uploading to ftp it doesn't work! have a peek at these guys Please point me toappropriategroup if this is not the best forum for my question.

client.Close(); Console.WriteLine("Client closed."); } static string ReadMessage(SslStream sslStream) { // Read the message sent by the server. A Call To Sspi Failed See Inner Exception Push Notification What can be the reason ? More specifically: Safe handle has been closed Reply August 12, 2012 at 5:47 am Tango says: Hi I tried to use yr code to check for Invalid deviceToken, not sure how

The problem is that there's not a "question" and an "answer".

I don't think I was using an APNS certificate. Is anything I am missing? Question: In Program.cs in Main do I need to change the "Device token" hard-coded string? A Call To Sspi Failed See Inner Exception C# ACTIVEMQ_BASE...

I have two Apple accounts... I could easily develop provider server with this library. Ok enough talking I think it’s time for some coding. 1) You should generate your payloads: 1: var payload1 = new NotificationPayload("DeviceToken","Hello !",1,"default"); Feel free to add custom parameters to your check my blog Thanks In Advance.

in my application users can send each other chat messages and i cant control the stress load, if i take your suggestion for example there is a possibility that in morning public static bool ValidateServerCertificate( object sender, X509Certificate certificate, X509Chain chain, SslPolicyErrors sslPolicyErrors) { if (sslPolicyErrors == SslPolicyErrors.None) return true; Console.WriteLine("Certificate error: {0}", I accepted a counter offer and regret it: can I go back and contact the previous company? Reply January 14, 2014 at 4:11 pm Prakash says: Hi..

C++ SSLStream Client Example Create a new CLR console application project and you might want to use SslStreamClientCP as the project and solution names. I've been going around in circles for the last five days with no solution in site, and its starting to get very very urgent.-- activemqatcertificatethisconnectionfor asked Oct 31 2011 at 05:30 These don't seem to cause a problem, but wondering if I'm forgetting to do something. Here id my URL which I have been trying to make call : http://www.createplaydate.com.asp1-21.ord1-1.websitetestlink.com/api/PushNotificationIOS/SendPushNotification Waiting to hear you soon!

I have a developer certificate on the regular account that works, but both my development and distribution certificates fail to work from the Enterprise account. i was thinking maybe writing all messages to DB and every X time run a procedure that will sent them all, but its not very elegant and i would prefer doing The thread " (0x880) has exited with code 0 (0x0). Thanks a lot!

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