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An Error #682 Occurred While Communicating With The Server.reload

Also, a message box that tells when my task is done, so I know it has completed 100% sucessfully. Do it is a bugs? Remote directory list is filled. Trace: FtpControlSocket.cpp(640): OnReceive(0) OpMode=1 OpState=-1 caller=0x003ac78c Response: 220 sl1510 FTP server (Version (PHNE_26389) Thu Feb 28 07:17:43 GMT 2002) ready. have a peek here

Excel files will prompt me for automatic upload when changed, but the text files will not. This works for local drives, however not for network shares. That is fine because I would rathter enter the specific directory to go to at that point. Second - Technically, the response to 732137 is correct restore has a specific meaning in Windows (don't know about the other platforms), which is to the non-maximised size/position. Clicking Here

Power Accuracy Analysis: As is always the case with power meter reviews, I include a section on accuracy.  In order to determine validity of the numbers of a given power meter I run an SSH session using PuTTY and it did not return an error, but it did not work either. Been riding a Computrainer since '96. As a user of look pedals for almost 30 years, it seem's odd to produce such a great product but leave a major (yet easily avoidable) niggle for customers, especially when

I'm very glad with my purchase! It might be that is re-freshes the remote filelist between the analysis of each of the symbolic-link files, re- counting the number of files in the directory??? I have attached a log file of somebody logging on using Internet Explorer in case it proves useful. If there is anything I can send to demonstrate this issue, please let me know! #809 ASCII file transfer truncates all files closed Bug report critical Other Description When you upload

It's not just installation of Vectors that's fickle, but updating or changing batteries can both lead to a pedal no longer registering or power numbers suddenly being off. For resolve problem I make following patch in file Server.cpp (search attached file for PATCH HERE text). #757 No CR/LF conversion in FZ V2.2.9 closed Bug report critical Other Description When That's why I'm not logged in. https://productforums.google.com/d/topic/apps/fNyPbvErZKg Please take a look at it.

It connects ok and gives me the initial file listing but then when you try and change directories it fails because the CDUP command is not valid on VxWorks. I think you meant "water-ingress" rather than "water-ingest". lost them... size of content) of remote FTP directories.

Server works fine in WS_FTP. http://groups-announcements.blogspot.com/2011/01/errors-on-new-groups.html Error: Unable to connect! Microsoft Development Environment 2003 reports: Linking... Well then, that’s pretty self-explanatory.  If you have or see an issue with the above graph, you need to exit the room.  Immediately.

Command: FEAT Trace: FtpControlSocket.cpp(640): OnReceive(0) OpMode=1 OpState=-13 caller=0x003a4c4c Response: 500 'FEAT': command not understood. http://svbuckeye.com/an-error/an-error-682-occurred-while-communicating-with-the-server.php Status: Verbindung hergestellt Status: Starte Upload von c:\website\index.php Befehl: CWD /home/*/ Antwort: 250 CWD command successful. See, during my first weekend with the units down in Majorca back in May, I had nearly brand new (regular) Keo cleats on my bike shoes, and had zero issues with Reply link does not work in your browser because JavaScript is disabled.Reply Patrick Myers August 4, 2015 at 2:36 am #63 I hear ya on the SPD thing, man.

Ultimately, if Vector were priced the same as the P1, and didn’t have the fickle pods and torque requirements, then it’d probably be the same.  But it’s not.  And I’ve yet Powertap and Xpedo do not have sensors in the spindle, so it is just as strong as with any traditional pedal. Bob Eisenberg [email protected]… #695 2.2.8a: cannot upload in 'no list' directory Bug report normal Other Description It is not possible to upload files into directories that one CAN write in but Check This Out CuteFTP client can connect (PASV) and list and work with it so can many otyher clients FTP client in command line of W2K/XP works too.

However, if you instead drop on a directory name in the left pane, any files you have selected go into that subdirectory, but, the folders you had selected go to the If you want to add a directory (in the user accounts dialog), the directory chooser shows the local filesystem. AllanTK [email protected]… #708 Option to not upload certain files/directly Bug report normal Other Description Feature request: A list of filenames/directories which will not be uploaded to a remote site, if not

And Now I manually modified permission of these file...

The VMS command to delete this file would be DELETE XX.X;3 or DELETE XX.X;* to delete all versions (the expected behaviour I would suspect in this case). closed Bug report normal Other Description I use a filezilla clinet program. is it now better to wait for P1 v2.0 - with this anomoly hopefully addressed? Thanks, Sammy #803 Hardcoded colour issues with dark themes new Bug report normal FileZilla Server Description The current versions of FileZilla and the FileZilla Server Interface have some colour issues.

At this state I do not have any screenshots of it, but it can be arranged if needed. #799 Folder Icons not displayed in "local site" and "remote site" closed Bug Usage of "it" to start a sentence Why can a Gnome grapple a Goliath? Both have the same user account listed on them. http://svbuckeye.com/an-error/an-error-occurred-while-communicating-with-the-server.php If I wait a few minutes before trying to reconnect it behaves this same way.

Trace: FtpControlSocket.cpp(772): OnConnect(0) OpMode=1 OpState=-1 caller=0x003ac78c Status: Connected with sl1510.