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Women’s Vital Fashion Accessory – Guess What?


Handbags are the most preferred fashion accessory for every woman, varying from small to large sizes, used to carry their personal items. It’s a fashion accessory for women as well as a useful accessory that helps them carry all their necessities. Handbags come in various designs, shapes & sizes that could be used by women in various occasions.

There are various kinds of handbags that are apt for various occasions. A wrong kind of handbag carried by a woman at an unsuitable occasion completely distorts her appearance and fashion statement. So, women have always got to take care to match their handbags and the occasion they use if for.

Some of the different kinds of handbags are:

1. Clutch: A small rectangular purse without a handle to be hand held by women. Such clutches go well with formals and give a classy look. When carried by women wearing a saree, it’s great!

2. Satchels: It’s a bag with a long strap worn across the shoulder. It’s worn with casuals and most by students. Especially when worn with western outfits, it gives a classy look. It gives a trendy look to both guys & girls. It comes in various styles, patch works, embroidery, denim material and many more designs. It’s being preferred by majority of the youth.

3. Shoulder Strap Bag: It’s the bag preferred by 80% of the women today. Such bags come in a very wide variety in various styles & sizes. It consists of a short strap hung over the shoulders, it may consist of a single or a double strap. These bags are not suitable for formal outfits, but they go very well with semi formals and casuals.

4. Tote Bags: Tote bags are usually larger in size made up of materials such as jute, heavy canvas, heavy nylon and similar materials. But, these days, such bags are made from recycled materials. Such bags are very useful when we go to grocery shops and when we do some simple shopping. I would suggest people to go in for tote bags, since they are eco friendly and also affordable.

5. Duffel: These are long horizontal cylindrical bags, similar to clutches that give a very grand look to the person carrying it. They are mostly embedded with stones or have embroidery designs giving a classy look. Duffels are apt to be carried in parties or functions.

6. Half moon bags (or) Hobo bags: Such bags are in a half moon shape made up of soft materials very apt to be carried with casual outfits. Such bags have a long strap to be hung around the shoulders. They go well with jeans, skirts and other casual outfits.

7. Muff: A small clutch like bag made up of fur, wool or velvet with compartments inside for holding various things and they’ve got no straps but a clip that’s got to be clutched. It has to be handheld which looks neat & good.

Therefore, every woman has to take care to select the bags apt for the occasion, be it a wedding party, casual outings, shopping, college going or any other visit. The bag women carry must suit the occasion and the outfit they are in. Since handbag is a vital fashion accessory, great care has to be taken while selecting them. Because they are capable of distorting the entire look of the person, or they can even misinterpret the fashion statement of a woman.


Exquisite Women Fashion: All About Camo Pants


Camouflage pants, abbreviated as camo pants, are durable and fashionable clothing that are suitable for women who love the outdoors. Even though they were a reserve for the military and uniformed forces, the public started to wear camo jackets and pants in the 1970s to show their solidarity against the Vietnam War. Popularity of camo pants continued to grow through to the rebellion period in the ’90s when thousands of Punk girls and boys used this garment as a trademark. By the year 2000, camouflage pants were no longer associated with demonstrations and rebellions, but mutated into a must-have accessory, which stormed into the fashion industry with a vengeance. Even though Khaki pants were already in the market, the heightened need for tougher and fancier pants among the youth saw promotion of camouflage pants as an alternative fashion accessory. Nowadays, they are attainable in an array of designs, prints, and color patterns that can suit various interests.

In earlier years, women who wanted to explore the outdoors using camo pants had to buy smaller men sizes because of limited female versions. However, with advent of female  fashion , many stores now have an expansive line of  women  camo pants that can suit various body shapes, sizes, and environments. For instance, with a bit of research, you can easily find racing pants, zip off pants, lounge pants, and many other designs in various prints and colors. Another trendy camo design is cargo pants. These clothes have low-cut flared legs and a loose fit for comfort. Women from many quarters hail cargo camo pants because of their flexibility. For example, if you want to highlight a basic look, a cut-style cargo pant will do the trick. Look for a soft material in your favorite colors or prints and match it up with a trendy, but laid back clothing such as a stripped sweater. To accent your look, loop a long matching scarf around your neck and wear a pair of ballet flats for a cozy feel.

If you are a professional and work in an office environment that allows trendy women clothing, camo pants are a good option. You only have to match it with a crisp button-down shirt or pretty blouse, and a pair of high heels to highlight a professional look. Unlike male pants, make sure that everything that you wear is form-fitting. Thus, instead of wearing a boxy jacket, as is the norm, it is advisable that you go for a slim cardigan instead. As a result, your will flatter your curves, look, and feel sexy.

Even though the benefits of using camo pants are many, you must find quality products that suit all your needs. Research from many online and offline sources and seek referrals from family members and friends to help you through the process. Because camo pants do not stretch much, make sure that you have your correct hip and thigh measurement before spending money on any clothing. Ask a friend or professional tailor to help you through the process. If you intend to use your pants outdoors or for nature adventures, consider whether you need waterproof and or insulated designs to protect you from such adverse conditions. Overall, whatever you choose, make sure that it is comfortable and complements your personal style.


Commonly Used Fashion Accessories For Women


Women cannot live without accessories and this is a known fact that almost all people are aware of. Aside from their figure or their weight, they are very concerned on how they look and how they can keep with the latest trend. When it comes to fashion accessories, they are the ones who are really familiar with such things and how to use them. This is basically normal because guys are not that into accessories, they are more concerned of gadgets and sports. There are a lot of accessories that women use and here are some of the most common ones.

Women undeniably love handbags and purses. With this, it is just right to say that almost all women of all ages own a handbag or a purse. This is among the accessories that a woman would bring anywhere she goes regardless of any circumstances. Most of the time, women feel incomplete when they do not have their handbags or purses with them. Aside from being an accessory, a handbag or a purse also serves another important purpose and that is for storage purposes. It is usually where personal items like keys, lipstick, make ups and other small accessories are kept.

Another fashion accessory that almost all women love has something to do with their feet. Men also use shoes but they are not really concerned if they compliment to their outfit which in contrary to what women are concerned about. Stores and boutiques even have a wider range of choices when it comes to shoes for women than for men. Another proof that women are more into shoes is the fact that a women cannot live with only one pair of shoes. As much as possible they should have two or more pairs in their closets.

And of course, the most loved and popular fashion accessory for women is jewelry. Diamonds are women’s best friend but not all women can afford to have a diamond necklace, diamond ring or any jewelry with diamond. But, when it comes to any type of jewelry, a woman will surely have this type of accessory, even if it’s juts a pair of earrings cheap earrings. Even kids and teens use colorful jewelry as a part of their overall outfit. Earrings, necklace, bracelets and rings are among the most popular and commonly used jewelry. And speaking of jewelry, charm jewelry like charm rings and bracelets with gold charms and other types of charms that have different shapes, should not be forgotten. This type of jewelry is suitable for all women regardless of their age groups.

Aside from nice dresses, skirts, pants, sunglasses, hats and hair accessories, you should also consider adding some more accessories inside you closet especially if you find them on sale. If you are not really into accessories, you might not realize how useful and helpful they are but you will eventually will. Sooner or later, you will come to realize that you need the most commonly used and popular accessories that were mentioned earlier.


Spring Fashion 2009 For Women


With St. Patrick’s Day behind us, and April promising us a warm springtime, it’s time to cast off those heavy, drab, wintry garments and get into something airy and colorful. And women are still looking ultra feminine this year.

In 2008 we saw styles that took us back twenty or so years to the Eighties, and we’re still visiting that fashion period. You’ll want to choose bright, colorful prints in floral, tropical, or brushstroke patterns. Polka dots will stay popular. You’ll see neutral garments, too, but remember to use them as a backdrop for accessories that pop.

Ruffles, bows, and sequins will be everywhere. If you are slender, go for the ruffles along your neckline. If you are fuller figured or have a large bosom, forgo the ruffles but look for smocking or lace trimmings that will catch the eye. No matter what you choose this year, you want to remember two words: COLOR and COUPONS!

Fabrics: For the Feel of It

Thankfully, fabrics are staying swishy and malleable. Look for Jersey knits or polyester mixed with Spandex or Lycra, or polyester/rayon blends. With a rayon blend you want a touch of Spandex added for comfort. You’ll also enjoy cotton/polyester blends as well as linen, and of course 100% cotton. For dress-up, expect to find fabrics intermingled with metallic blends or bands of sequins, because sparkle is a part of it all.

Pants: All Over the Leg

Last year’s jumpsuits are still popular, the wider-legged the better, and they’ll stay full length. Waistlines are belted, shirred, or otherwise enhanced. For glamour outings, you can find many jumpsuits in elegant fabrics and colors, and the wide legs glide along almost like a skirt. Some strictly casual pant styles will stop at 7/8 length, and it is a crime if you don’t take advantage of this with an eye-catching shoe. With the most playful pants, some women still like the feel of the low rise. Business casual pants are just about waist high, with an emphasis on waist bands and cuffs that set off the pants. Pantsuits include the traditional business casual pants as described, and the jacket will sizzle with a double or wide collar and shoulder pads.

Dresses: Dress It Up, Dress It Down

If you are substituting a pantsuit for a dress, at work or an evening out, look for a ruffled blouse to wear under it. If you can’t wear ruffles, go for a metallic chemise or tank top. Corsets and corset bodices have made a comeback. Skirts-attached to the dress or just on their own-will be full and feminine, or fitted and slinky. Expect a lot of high-waisted dress styles this spring, with the top featuring a peasant style or other scooped neck as well as plunging Vs and boatnecks. Flowing, long, casual dresses are back in style. No matter what length you go, the neckline will be something different; remember Angelica’s neckline at the Oscars?

Accessories: Where the Action Is

Cardigans, blousy and belted, or belted jackets are still great fashion statements. Wear them with your dress at the business office or atop your jumpsuits. You can even layer cardigans for a special look. Scarves are practically de rigueur. Use them around your neck; use them around your waist. No matter where you put them, the scarves must be vivid and bold! Shoes will have high heels this year like we’ve seen on Carrie Bradshaw.

A Look in the Mirror…

One of the key pieces of advice we have is to save last year’s spring and summer clothes, because fashionistas are not done with them yet! Last year’s styles can be updated and enhanced in lots of ways. Use your imagination and have fun!


Why Women Like Fashion Jewelry


As long as you’re a woman, you will like the glittering jewelry. No matter whether you are a beautiful woman or ugly woman, your nature of loving beauty will be never changed. Though every woman has different annotations of showing beauties, there is no doubt that jewelry will be the most appropriate one that can perfectly set off one’s taste and personality. As long as you’re a woman, you will like the feeling to be cherished. While the most common things that women like doing is to wear various fashion jewelry to show their beauties and charms. They believe that there are no ugly woman; there are only women who do not know how to look pretty. Women are also very vain. So they prefer to wear stylish jewelry to make up themselves.

It’s known to us all that different jewelry usually stand for different meanings, such as Tiffany jewelry stands for love, dream and eternity. Cartier jewelry is a symbol of nobleness and magnificence, Bvlgari jewelry symbolize beauty and classicality, carnelian represent a long life, diamonds indicate eternity and so on. Try to imagine this, if a man uses a current passbook to propose marriage rather than a engagement diamond ring, I think you must be worried about your marriage. Excepting different morals of those fashion jewelry, they also have different functions, such as jade can ward off evil, crystal can improve the fortunes. Though we can know if it’s true about those wording, it must have its special reason rather than be created out of nothing. Chinese people have a good habit in this regard. In a word, if wearing a piece of jewelry can set one’s heart at rest, then why not wearing jewelry? What’s more, most qualities of fashion jewelry are very hard. As long as no one damages it, it can be kept for a long time, that’s to say, jewelry can increase its value in the future. When you’re impoverished, you will hug yourself for being so lucky since you have a piece of valuable and precious jewelry. So most families like using jewelry as their heirlooms in ancient times. Most merchants like buying luxurious jewelry when they have successful enterprises or storing gold to wait for them to increase values. In modern society, it’s a spiritual sustenance when we’re pursuing our happiness. In fact,love really need the support in spiritual.

Every woman like wearing various fashion jewelry in their life. It’s a pity if a woman doesn’t have a piece of fashion or luxurious jewelry in her whole life. Therefore, don’t speak that women can only like those useless jewelry. In their eyes, those shining jewelry are the embodiments of their values. So if you love a woman deeply, then send her a piece of exquisite jewelry, even if it’s a piece of small crystal. But you should keep in mind that don’t send replicas jewelry since it will make your sincerity greatly reduced. If you truly love a woman, the give her what you like.


Examining the Latest Winter Women’s Fashion Accessories


Fashion wear is something that has always been classified according to change of seasons. Last year fashion markets were down recovering from distinct losses as the global economic crisis hit every sector severely, the fashion industry not excluded from the economic bloodbath. However this year things are all set to be starkly different from the last and one can look back to the spring and summer collection and its success to say that great things can be expected from the later half of 2010. As winter approaches fashion markets across the world brace themselves for a rollercoaster ride. With new accessories hitting the market that can send the fashion enthusiast’s mind into delighted frenzy, this winter promises to be one that will set the cash registers ringing for many a brand.

So what are the more popular accessories that have hit the market or will hit the market so far? Flat caps, scarves and bags are just some of the accessories that are set to grab the attention of people all across the globe. Ruffles, lace, brocade and jewelry like chunky necklaces, art deco jewelry are set to take this year’s winter collection by storm as this year there seems to be more emphasis on women’s dressing trends. “Volume” is the buzz word in this year’s trends and when centered on women what is the most likely outcome? Fuller tops teamed with a balance of accessories that are very much based on volume and yet are not exactly that fattening. These accessories are there to draw attention to the wearer’s face and not planned at taking it away and onto itself. The jewelry is meant to be smartly designed and will bear a regal appearance yet look to balance the overall look.

How else is a high volume accessory list achieved? There are several ways of doing something like that. One such way is layering, a trend in fashion that aims at providing the wearer with warmth and yet not let him or her feel a sense of heaviness or uneasiness at wearing an outfit. When it comes to shoes ballerina flats and animal print shoes will look to catch the audience’s eyes at shows with gauntlet gloves or long gloves providing some much needed class to a person’s winter fashion ensemble. Fur trimmed hoods and small peak hats all seem to be in fashion this winter with scarves making up the ensemble of accessories that promise to make this winter a fashionably great one. Yet this is not the end of it all. There is more, much more to think about and look forward to when it comes to the fashion industry’s fall and winter collections. Between the men and women the ladies may have more of a reason to look forward to this winter, yet you would never know. Maybe fashion designers across the world will pull out a rabbit or two from their magic hats for the men as well. Surely there is much to look forward to.


The Changing Seasons in Fashion for Women


The clothes, shoes and accessories that are in  fashion  today, will be out the next day, and  women  need to be updated regularly about these. Most women like to keep it stylish as long as the whole expense behind the maintenance is not too heavy for their purse. Being well updated about fashion requires some basic knowledge about the leading and popular brands of the industry, even if you are not a supermodel or a glam fashionista. Keeping yourself smart and pleasing to the eye not just helps you being an important figure in your work place but also at your family life. Kids love if their mother is well dressed; men pay more attention when they find their wife attractive and smart. Even parents feel proud when they see their daughter not just well-kept in work but also in the appearance.

 Fashion  is not something of the external, and  women  need to understand that. Fashion is the inner beauty reflected through your appearance. Being a “plain Jane” is no credit, for anyone can be that without any effort at all. All you need to do is not blow dry your hair or style it for a few weeks and wear your grandma’s discarded clothes. And also, wear no makeup and use the oldest shoes available to your neighbor’s mother. So, just a few abdications of a regular maintenance and any glamorous girl can be passed off as a “plain Jane”.

However, such shabby appearances will get you nowhere. It is not necessary that you keep on changing your wardrobe every season like celebrities, but just to keep in mind that different seasons have different flavors will help you learn how to keep up with the changes in  fashion  or  women  and yet not be baffled.

Let us start with summer. Summer is the time when you need to let go of ll your inhibitions and just feel free. Wear light fabric like cotton or mixtures of cotton. Keep the color floral and pastel, like pink, blue, green, mauve and even white. Try your level best to avoid black in the summers. And also try to avoid very blunt and dull colors. This is not the time to feel drab. This is your time to have a ball!

If your local weather allows you a good rain, then grab colorful raincoats in light materials for the downpours. If you are the somber type of person, you can also get single colored raincoats in shades of steel grey or grayish blue or even dusty brown. Such colors go with your personality and also keep you safe from the drops.

For autumn, colors of the fall are just appropriate. Something to do with brown, rust, midnight blue, and olive. Autumn is both famous among poets and fashion people alike for the sadness of losing summer and also the joy of welcoming winter. You can choose whichever mood you want your clothes to reflect for you. Let your mood decide your clothes, and not the opposite. Remember, you are boss. You will know what is best for you, and not the drab clothes that are perhaps stacked in your closet for years.

And then comes the winter, with jingling bells and the promise of Christmas. This is again, like summer, the time to be bold and beautiful. Get your bright and bold colors out and combine them with colored scarves or mufflers and coats and furs. But do always keep in mind that you need to keep your winter clothes moth-free, so take good care to clean them before you wear them in the winter.

The  fashion  for men also changes with seasons, if not faster than that of  women , then at least equally.


Rocking the Rain – Tips on Women’s Fashion For Rainy Days


Who says you can’t have fun and look good in the rain? You certainly can! Just like how summer gives us a chance to wear cute shorts and skirts, rainy days give us a one-of-a-kind fashion opportunity to look great in galoshes and windbreakers. Need  women’s   fashion  tips for rainy days? Check these tips out.

I love rainy days. It reminds me of jumping into puddles and playing with my friends in the rain. As an adult, rainy days have become a sort of an excuse for me to dress up. After all, when’s a better time to look bright and pretty than on a gray day? How to look like a ray of sunshine on the gloomiest day? Here are some  women’s   fashion  tips:

1. Rain Coats, Slickers and Windbreakers

Who says grown-ups have to wear dull-colored rain coats? Though perhaps we should stay away from neons and bright pinks, it doesn’t mean that we have to settle for blacks and grays. Choose a red slicker or one deep purple. Lilac is also a great color for a fun-loving woman.

2. Galoshes

Rubber boots are probably one of the best things I love most about the rain. There are a lot of stores now that offer galoshes for stylish ladies. There are pairs with classic black and white checkered designs and even paisleys. You’ll surely find a style that suits you.

3. Umbrellas

Finally, umbrellas can be a good fashion statement too. Get a black and white one for an elegant touch or a transparent one for a harajuku feel.

Warning: When it comes to  women’s   fashion  for rainy days, just have fun!


Full Figured Woman’s Fashion Independence Part 2


Fashion is only as good as it looks on you. If you wear a style that doesn’t look good on you, you do not look stylish. If you’re like most women, your wardrobe is probably a mixture of styles, because you haven’t yet identified your particular “Fashion Personality.” Determining your fashion personality is as important as wearing the right colors for your seasonal palette.

The benefit of finding one fashion personality is that your wardrobe will coordinate with much more ease, and allow you to get the most out of your fashion investments.

To represent the differences among types, we will identify Dramatic, Natural, Romantic, Creative, and Classic. These types are not absolutes, and it is possible to borrow from another personality if you are careful not to try to totally adopt a personality that is not yours. You will see how each type inspires the selection of clothes, makeup, hairstyle and accessories.


The Dramatic look is one of boldness. A dramatic woman is usually assertive and outspoken. The dramatic look is worn well usually by women with dark or noticeable coloring, such as olive skin, or black skin; broad shoulders rather than sloping shoulders. The dramatic woman wears extremes in fashion-either straight lines and hard finish fabrics, or billowy clothes, but seldom goes for the extremely feminine look. If you are dramatic, you may wear the most exotic colors, your prints will be bold, wild, vivid or ethnic. You favor striking proportions, long jackets and short skirts; oversized shirt with leggings. And you avoid the predictable. Theatrical or conspicuous fabrics and textures work well on you.


The Natural woman is the casual, friendly and outgoing type who finds ‘dressing up’ a challenge. With energetic strides and an informal, friendly manner, and relaxed style. If you are natural you look good in all kinds of sportswear, from casual to chic. You wear sturdy boyish styles and still look like a woman. Your fashion mistakes will include frilly blouses, silk dresses and exaggerated designs.

Often the natural has wide set eyes and a squar-ish jaw. Tailored suits work well on you. Nubby, natural and hand-woven fabrics are good on you. Solids in textured fabrics such are also good. But the natural woman should avoid shiny fabrics. She look vivacious and stylish in the things she wears. Her hair needs a casual cut, nothing fussy, something that can be work pulled up or back with a clip, and she does well in the wind-blown natural look.


Romantic women should always seek femininity in both style and fabric. She is a true Scarlett O’Hara type; quietly confident, feminine and sensual. She has a curvier figure and looks best in clothes that have curved lines. Her fabrics should be soft with sheen, and her prints should be feminine. The romantic should choose necklines, accessories, and accents to draw the eye to her face. She looks beautiful in evening wear. She is good in chiffon, silk, lace, shiny satin velvet, and many sophisticated fabrics, simple or ornate. The romantic woman has a look of luxury about her, and her hair is best in loose curves or curls, though not a wind-blown look.


If you have even, regular facial features, medium coloring, you are the classic type. You value quality more than quantity, style more than fashion. You don’t want your clothes to scream ‘look at me’, but you want them understated. A classic woman is tailored, conservative and always well groomed. Typically she has good posture, a sense of formality and poise; she is viewed by others as elegant. She avoids extremes in fashion, fabrics and prints. She avoids trendy fashions, and anything too frilly or silky, but achieves her distinction through fabrics, soft straight lines and well tailored clothes. The classic stays up to date in a conservative way, her hem lines go up or down just a little and she switches to the latest look only after it is established. Her hair style is controlled and kept neat. The casual wind-blown look is incompatible with her image.

(Although everyone can wear casual clothes, this look does not suit everyone. A dramatic will look boring while a romantic will look too serious.)


The creative woman is a true nonconformist about how she lives her life as well as what she wears. She has a need to individualize her clothes with unusual touches that make them uniquely her own. She, more than other types, refuses the packaged look, opting for a more artistic look. She mixes her separates and accessories in unpredictable ways. Her instinct is to shock or amuse. In her accessories from eyeglasses to shoes, she wants to do what isn’t being done by anyone else. Pile on bangles and beads but steer away from grandma’s pearls!

Severe controlled hair styles contradict her creative style. A wild carefree style is for her. Just remember, control your creative inclinations for work!

Next article, ‘Blending Fashion Personalities’.


Handbags – Women’s Fashion Accessories


Fashion accessories help complete our entire look. Different kinds of accessories are being used to complement each wardrobe. A choice of accessory can make or break your entire look, therefore, it is important to choose carefully. One of the most popular accessories that most women used are handbags, these include fashionable handbags, pouches, sari and many others.

Handbags are used not only to complete your overall look, but they are also used for many purposes and a very useful means to keep your several belongings in one. Many people also use handbags to hide any sort of weakness of their outfit while allowing them selves to follow the latest trend. Above all, handbags make women feel comfortable and attractive, thus making them feel confident that they truly look good on other’s mind.

Today, there are so many handbags available in the market, from simple, sophisticated to elegant. Each latest trend of these purses have been brought by inspiration. Designers are working so hard to bring different fashion handbags with innovative styles, which makes them more appealing and demanding in the market today.

Each year, fashion keeps on changing, and so as styles and designs of handbags. These accessories have gone through a lot of changes to satisfy the needs and wants of different consumers. The most important thing about these fashionable add-ons is they help people carry their belongings with style.

Fashion handbags are not only good as a gift for yourself, but also gift to other people. There are different kinds of occasion where you can give handbag as a gift. It include birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation day, mother’s day and many more. When you finally decide to invest a large amount of dollar for such gift, make sure you pick the real thing and not a cheap knock-off. Remember, there are flood of knock-offs today that seems to be real. Be careful and always check the quality of the bag.

Aside from designer handbags, there are also fashion purses yet are less expensive. If you want to carry your belongings with style, you may try other alternatives such as personalized handbags. Choose to personalize your accessory, be it a fabric or leather purse. Personalized bags can make a perfect gift idea as well. This not make your recipient feel special, but she will truly stand out carrying a unique, personalize purse.

If you’re really into something unique, there literally thousands of one of a kind crafted handbags and purses available in many online stores. This is a good new for those savvy women who are tired of the mass-produced offerings that are commonly displayed in shopping malls. Try personalized choices such as monogrammed tote bags, evening bags, clutches or even personalized cosmetic bags and duffle bags. These personalized accessories ables you to add your own touch. You can also add your own name or initials on the bags, or your friend’s name if you want to give it as a gift. Indeed, handbags are women’s best friends, and if you want to make a good impression to everyone, choose the one that best suits your personality. You can also apply this idea when buying handbags for loved ones and friends.